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Importance of House plans

October 30, 2012

Importance of House plans :

Everyone wishes to live in a house that is comforting and gives one the soothing feeling. If you get an opportunity, you can certainly decide on what kind of a building plan you need for your house. This in a way helps your architect to design a house plan for you, based on your requirements and Architecture feasibilities. It is important as well as exciting to have your dream house plan turn into a reality. Team of Architects and Engineers at Apnaghar gives one of the best Building house plans. Best house plan design is only possible when you have the best architects on the job. We are an online architectural consultant that has an amazing reputation in the market. We have been in the industry for quite long time now.

Our team is made up of experienced and best architects, engineers and consultants. This helps us to the best of experience and knowledge under one roof. Building plans for sites such as 9*12(30′*40′), 12*18(40′*60) are not as simple as it may seem to most people. At some point it may be simple for a few architects to come up with just about any plan and appeal the clients, but when it comes to us we do not compromise on anything and give our best to come up with the most appropriate plan.

Architects at Apnaghar feel that clients today are realising what they want and are also knowing the terminology of so many things associated with architecture and building plans, hence it becomes easier to understand them, the relation between a client and architecture becomes simpler because we deal with people of all kinds and come up with varied house plans.

If the client has a requirement, it is nothing but an aid because we know of exactly what the client wants. However, this is not the end of the story, with building plans; there is a certain methodology that needs to be followed. We have a team of experts that have the complete work divided amongst themselves. There are many departments to be taken special care of especially when it comes to building plans. The reason being because this is the initial stage of the building construction process and needs to paid special importance too.

There are many factors that are considered while designing the building plans. Sometimes what the client demands may not be fully replicated on paper, sometimes a few changes are to be brought in. by communicating with the client, our architects help the client to know as to what the changes and why are they being implemented. ApnaGhar feels that Architecture is a growing industry; As an Architect we don’t just specialise in contemporary designs but have enough knowledge about the traditional old ones.

As mentioned earlier, keeping in par with all of this helps us to meet all the demands of the clients. A certain client may ask for a fusion of both traditional and modern and we would right away take that up as a challenge and start working on it. Architects Building plans take time in accordance with the kind of plan and project it is. We make sure our deadlines are met as that will help us to set a good impression in front of our clients. So far we have a good success rate and we hope to maintain that.

At ApnaGhar, our always tries to improve its quality of drawings delivered to our clients.


Architects Importance

October 26, 2012
Architects & his importance in Developing House Plan
Who is an Architect?
Most of us know who is an architect but do we know the actually know these people, we mean what they think, how they work, what are their speciality. What is the Definition of Architect? One who designs and supervises the construction of the buildings and other structures. An architect is a person who is trained in design, planning and oversight of the construction and other structures and is licensed to practice architecture. To practice architecture means to render or offer service in connections with the construction and design of the building and space within the place surrounding the building which have as their principal purpose human use or occupancy. The term architect is derived from the Latin word known as “architectus” which is derived from the Greek word known as “arkhitekton” which means chief builder.

Why do we need Architects?
People like you and we require places to wherein to.. Live, learn, play, worship, govern, meet, shop, eat- public and private spaces, out-doors and indoor, rooms and complexes; towns, neighbourhoods; cities and suburbs. Architects are the professionals who have studied the architectural techniques and are trained in the arts and science of design and they are licensed to protect public health, welfare and safety, transform these requirements into concepts and then develop the models into building images which could be build by others. In designing buildings, the architects communicate with and help those who have requirements such as users, clients and public as a whole. And those who would make the spaces which satisfy those requirements such as contractors and builders, painters and plumbers, air conditioning mechanics and carpenters.

Whether the project is a city or a room, a the renovation of an old building or new building, architects offer the professional services such as insights and ideas, technical knowledge and design, specifications and drawings, administration, informed decision making and coordination- whereby an extraordinary range of aesthetic, functional, technological, human, environmental, economic and safety factors are melded into a consistent and proper solutions to the problems at hand.

Architects feels that an architect truly designs? It begins with a client with the need for a building, a project. To design and build this project, an architect follows the architectural design process. This process begins with the schematic design phase, with the architect first gaining an understanding the scope of the project to be built from the client. With the program determined, the architect develops preliminary concepts and ideas for the project and presents these to the client for approval or revision. In addition, the architect researches zoning or other restrictions. Next is the design developments phase. In design development, the initial concepts and ideas are further refined. The architect begins to determine the building materials of the projects as well as detailing the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural aspects of the project. The architect will formally present the project, at this stage of development, to the client for approval. Next is the construction document phase.

During construction document phase, the architect produces detailed drawings and specifications of the project to be used for constructions. These constructions documents include all pertinent information necessary for construction. Next is the construction phase.

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