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June 26, 2012

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Economical Construction Tips for Dream Home

June 1, 2012

Economical Construction Tips for Dream Home
Building a dream home may be the most important and valuable investment that you make in your lifetime. Although you may delegate a number of services to your contractor or engineer, it is still important for you to have the best possible knowledge about the various aspects of the construction process.
If economy is your concern, you can follow these tips to help you save construction costs:
·         Avoid complicated forms of shapes.
·         Avoid complex system of level.
·         Insist on economic structural design.
·         Provide maximum possible provision for natural light and ventilation.
·         Ensure efficient placement of utilities like water-supply pipes, power cables etc.
·         Use fresh, sound and durable building materials.
·         Engage trained manpower.
There are a few additional factors that should be considered during construction of the various features of the dream home:
Entrance of House
·         The entrance is the place to entertain visitors and should be constructed in a visually appealing manner.
·         For security reasons, the entrance must be constructed in such a way that it provides adequate protection to the house.
·         The entrance also needs to protect the house against inhospitable weather such as harsh sunlight and excessive rains.
Living Room of House
·         The living room should be located near to the entrance.
·         The living room should preferably face the lawn, wherever possible.
·         Tall windows can add a lot of visual appeal to the living room
Kitchen of House
·         The kitchen must have adequate ventilation and natural sunlight.
·         It should be adjoining the dining room.
·         The working platform must be adequately wide and free from obstructions.
·         The design should provide adequate space for appliances such as cooking range, dishwasher, chimney etc.
Bedroom of House
·         The bedroom should be located away from the entrance and living room to ensure privacy.
·         The bedroom should be connected with a balcony and attached bathroom, wherever possible.
·         Provide adequate storage facilities in the form of almirahs and cabinets.
Bathroom of House
·         The bathroom must have adequate ventilation and natural lighting.
·         The bath fittings and sanitary fittings must be of a high quality to withstand regular and prolonged use.
·         The bathroom floor should be 5 cm lower than the other flooring of the house.
House design – related to  Architecture
·         Avoid U-shaped, V-shaped, L-shaped and triangular shaped houses. The angles are not conducive to attracting positive energy.
Prayer Room in House
·         The Puja Room should be located in the North East direction. Alternatively, it can located in the North or East direction. While worshipping, the person should face the East. Idols should not exceed 6 inches in height. One should not sleep in the Puja Room. This direction is ideal for Water storage. Thus underground water tanks, filter etc. should be kept in this direction. Room for prayer and meditation is recommended to be in the north-east corner of the house.
·         Deity or image of god should not face the south direction. Ideal positions are such that you face east or west while praying.
Staircase in House
·         If the steps leading to the entrance are damaged or broken, then the master of the house will face problems with his career and his expenses will soar. The staircase should ascend clockwise. The total no. of steps should be such that on division by 3, a remainder of 2 should be obtained for eg. 7, 11, 17 etc.
Number of columns in a building
·         Columns in a building should be in even numbers.
·         Columns in the north-east corner should not be circular.
·         When columns are exposed for architectural purposes, the number of exposed columns also should be even.
Children’s Room
·         The children are future of the nation. If the parents are able to give right direction to the children at their tender age then tomorrow they will turn into disciplined citizens. The children’s room, too, should be constructed in the North-West corner but the bathroom should be arranged in above noted direction only. Children’s room can be located in this corner i.e. the North West. The study room can also be located in this direction. Water Tank on the Roof of the house should located in this direction. This direction is also ideal for Cattle and Granary store.
Doors schedule in House
·         The Main-Gate should have two panels. The main door should not open inside the house. The doors in the house should not be noisy. The total number of doors, windows and ventilators in the house should be even in number for eg. 2, 4, 6 etc. but should not end with a 0 i.e. 10, 20 etc. If the front door frame is painted black, then the owner might have to face hardship. If the door has cracks or is too old, then the owner will have a tough time gaining respect in society.
Drawing Room in House
·         It should be in North-West, South or west direction. In the traditional drawing rooms mattresses, covered with white sheets of cloth are spread in the entire room and round pillows are kept in South and West walls. Similarly, in the modern drawing room, the furniture should be kept in South and West directions. As far as possible the open space should be maximum in North and East directions.
Dining Room in house
·         In olden days the meals were taken in the kitchen itself but now the dining room has become an integral part of the drawing room.  Dining Room should be towards the West as it is ruled by Saturn and it is in the way of Bhooteshwara, the symbolic representation of the hungry. It trees are to be planted in the premises, they can be planted in this direction i.e. the West.
Guest Room in House
·         It should be in North-West corner.
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