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Apnaghar can save you money during construction

February 25, 2012
This is just to create awareness about the cost involved in construction. You can save lots of money by proper planning of construction. Do you know almost all individual home construction projects in India take more money to complete than what people originally plan? If planned properly, we all can save 10% or more on our home construction projects.  The ideas and tricks which can be used while construction planning to save money in building your dream home is discussed below:
1) Make sure you have hired a professional Architect:
Apnaghar recommends that you hire a full time professional architect for House Design.  There are several benefits an architect would bring to the table. A professional architect can suggest latest ideas for your House Design, such as Green House Design, Energy Efficient House Design, Space Efficient House Design. With the help of Professional Architect you can visualize the dream house design in a better way.
2) Take care of few things while hiring a contractor:
After getting the house design done by architects, you need be very careful while hiring a contractor. This  is probably one of the most critical decision in your engagement. You need to know the tricks of general negotiation, roles and responsibilities of each party. Understanding what can go wrong during the execution of the project and the basis on which the contractors charge can help you negotiate a better deals with the contractor.
3) Detailed cost estimate or bill of quantity can save you thousand of rupees during construction:
Detailed cost estimate is service provided by Apnaghar, which is based on the Architecture plans and structural plans as well. With the help of which you can save thousands of rupees during the construction of your dream home. Apnaghar also, helps you in planning a house design within a limited budget. Apnaghar brings online detailed cost estimates. This will help you negotiate prices better, manage the funds, avoid wastage and theft of raw material by buying the required material at right time.Detailed construction cost estimate can save you thousands of rupees during construction
Send us your architectural plan and we will give you complete step by step cost estimate for your whole building.
4) Raw material procurement: It may be hard to believe that sand affects the quality of construction as much as the cement does, even though sand costs very less compared to cement. Few of the important building material purchasing guidelines are mentioned below. You can also, apply your own ideas for the same. This will definitely helps in selection of right building materials, precautions for storage of material, purchasing guidelines and measuring criteria of raw material and the tricks vendors use to cheat a unsuspecting customer.
4.1) Purchasing bricks and cement:
Bricks and cement are very important for building construction. The strength of a building depends on strength of cement. Do you know how strength of cement reduces with storage techniques and it may cause cracks in building. Bricks quality is also much important for a strong foundation. The article below lists many factors that should be considered while purchasing bricks and cement.
Purchasing Guidelines for Cement and Bricks
4.2) Purchasing coarse aggregate and coarse sand:
Do you know how to measure coarse sand while purchasing it and how to check the quality of coarse sand? May be you are paying more for cheaper quality coarse sand and coarse aggregate. You must know the guide lines before purchasing coarse sand and coarse aggregate and check the quality of these materials to get more strength in building.
4.3) Purchasing timber:
It is usually hard to determine timber quality if you do not check closely. Cracks in timber may be filled with putty and the vendor may colour them so that they are hard to detect.  At the time of purchasing timber you should check whether there are cracks in wood or not. Measurement of wood is another important factor that one may not know.
4.4) Purchasing marble stone and granite:
Are you purchasing marble stone and granite for your home? Before going ahead with your purchase, you need to know few basic things & defects of marble and granite that can not be found easily. The right measurement of stone can also save your lot of money.
5) Water Proofing the Basement:
If you are unsure about building a basement because you are afraid whatever it will get damaged in rain due to the basement flooding. Water proofing treatment for basement must be done to avoid consequences during the rainy season. There are various ways of doing the same. A better designed basement can reduce this problem.
6) Make your home weather resistant:
Building a comfortable home that is heat proof or cold proof is every one’s dream and simple tricks can help you build a better home. This can be done by maintaining an optimal temperature in home during hot summer and cold winters. There are various ways of doing this like insulation of walls, use of cavity walls etc.  It will not only help you reduce your electricity bills but will also make your home more environment friendly.
7) Skylights are beneficial in home:
Now a days, several new construction methods are emerging and Skylights are another method available. Though, architects have been using it for some time, it is a good idea that we all understand it so that we can shape our thoughts around it. Skylights will help you to reduce electricity, and will make your home healthy and bug free.
8) Cracks in building:
Cracks look ugly and may also be dangerous for the safety of your home. Even if you have provided best raw material for building house yet you may have cracks for various reasons that may or may not be in your control. Understand the reason of cracks in house and the solutions to fix them if they occur.
Cracks – reasons and repair techniques.For More details you can reach us at or call us @ +91- 9311887746.


House Design : 3 D perspective Views

February 16, 2012
 Various House Design 3 D Perspective Views

3 D Perspectives plays an important role in construction of house… it helps us to understand what we are going to built in…Apnaghar House Design Solution includes 3 D perspective view…
Apnaghar House Designs are developed by professional architects and engineers…

House Design of Mr. Rawal

House Design of Mr Mandoker

House Design of Mr. Gaurav Sharma

House design of Mr. Alok Rai