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September 27, 2011
House Design at NOIDA

New House Design in Pondichery
New House Design in Noida

New House Design in Gurgaon

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Save your cost by getting Cost Estimate

September 15, 2011

At the time of the house construction there are many steps to be followed such as preparation of architectural drawings, structural drawings and obtaining approvals from concerned authorities etc. After doing all these exercises when we start construction work then we have to work on the preparation of budget, procurement of material and hiring the contractor etc and these processes can be simplified if you have a detailed construction cost estimate.
Here are some notes to help you understand the importance of cost estimation:-
• In most of the home construction projects, the money runs out before the home is completed.  This happens because the home owners do not have a stage by stage cost estimate. A detailed cost estimate can help you avoid this problem.
• From detail estimate you will get the information about all type of materials required for the work and the information about the actual quantity of all the materials required. You can use this knowledge to make agreement with the supplier in advance to avoid fluctuation in the market.
• If you do not know the estimated quantity of material required to build your home, the contractor may charge more amount to do the same work. With the detail estimate sheet you can cross check the quotation provided by the contractor.
• With the help of detail estimates we can arrange the materials according to the needs at site.  This will avoid unnecessary storage of materials, save the wastage of materials and blockage of money. It will also save unnecessary carriage and time.
• With arranging all the materials according to need it will help in smooth working and  to avoid wastage of labor.
• This will help to arrange funds according to requirement.
• Detail estimate also give the specification of the material required for the construction which will help in checking of the quality of the materials at site.
• If all the materials and labor will be arranged according to need it will help for timely completion of construction work which will save the expenditure spent on storage, watchman etc.
• Timely completion means timely use of house.
Big projects in India such as Delhi Metro were completed on time because they used these estimation techniques to identify the exact quantity required step wise.
You can now benefit from the same estimation technology for your home construction. Use the steps below to order a detail cost estimate.  The rate of preparation of detail estimates are as under:-
 Up to 2000. Sq. feet area  = Rs.2.50 per sq. feet.
From 2001 to 5000.Sq. feet area= Rs.2.00 per sq. feet.
From 5001 to 10000.Sq. feet area= Rs.1.50per sq. feet.
Above 10000. Sq. feet  area  =   Rs.1.25 per Sq. feet. 
1)  Have your home plan ready as you need to send it on mail
2)  Ask for Expert advice click here
In the question, specify that you need a detailed construction cost estimate plan. Attach your plan and make the payment using the rates above.
3) You will get the detailed cost plan within a week.
A good planning along with these detailed cost estimates can save you upto 10% of the construction cost of your home/office or factory.

Top 10 house plan design features

September 15, 2011
Your house is more than a place to call home. It is an investment in your family’s future. Liken it to investing in the stock market. A bad decision in the stock market can cost you tons of money if you chose the wrong stock to invest in. The same is true if you chose the wrong house floor plan. It may look appealing in its presentation but, will it attract buyers once it is built? If the floor plan design includes the things most desired by a buying population, then the answer is absolutely!

House plans lay the foundation for a value packed home by including great home design ideas and being adaptable for future needs. When chosing from the thousands of plans out on the web or working with a designer on your custom home, include features in your floor plans that are not so unique to your style. Rather, consider the needs of potential future home buyers in your decision to ensure a healthy investment in your homes financial future.

Below are the top 10 features most desired by home buyers. Most house plans may not have all these features; however, the more you have included the better.
1. Spacious kitchen with plenty of storage – Women especially hone in on this area of the home. The floor plan should indicate plenty of counter space to work on. Cabinets are also very important for use in storage. The kitchen Space planning should allow two cooks to work together without feeling conjested. Pantry’s are also a must.

2. Keeping rooms – This space is desired in larger homes with the available square footage. This room is more of a mid size family room adjoining the kitchen and breakfast rooms. For homes with 2 two story grand rooms and large family rooms, the keeping room provides a cozy spot for the family’s day to day activities.

3. Master bedroom with a sitting area – Perhaps the one space the shares the top spot with the kitchen. The master bedroom should have enough space to accommodate a queen or king size bed with room to spare. The sitting area is a bonus within the master retreat allowing a space for at minimum a couple of chairs and an end table. A more elaborant sitting room has a fireplace with shelving and place for a television.

4. Master bath – Must have separate vanity’s, tub, and shower, design to be open and bright with plenty of natural light. If the budget allows, a his and hers bath is an excellent upgrade. It should provide dual vanities, dual water closets, a shower for him with access for her and a tub for her.

5. His and hers closet – The bigger the better, especially for the woman of the house! While a single enormous closet is a nice feature, seperate closets are much more desirable. In addition, upgrading the closets with a closet organizing system is truely a good investment.

6. Bedroom on the main floor (applicable in 2 story home designs) – If the master is on the main floor, this is fine. A guest bed in addition to the master on the main is even better. However, if all bedrooms are on the second floor, adding a guest bed on the main floor is a wise choice. It can serve multiple needs in addition to lodging for overnight guest. Other uses could be a library or home office.

7. Mudroom – One of the most requested features. Provides the homeowner a place to use as a buffer between the outdoors and the homes interior. The mudroom serves as a docking area to drop off keys, jackets & coats, dirty shoes, umbrellas, and other nic-nak items without dragging these things into the main part of the home.

8. Bonus room – If the floor plan design allows for this, by all means, include this space. Bonus rooms are the wildcard’s, giving homeowners the ability to personalize this room to their liking, starting from a clean slate.

9. Covered entrance – More and more homeowners are trending towards some sort of covered porch or covered stoop to provide shelter from weather conditions at the homes main entrance. Most come to this conclusion after living in a home that lacked this featured.

10. Storage – Need I say more! You can never have enough.

Combining the above home design ideas in addition to the normal plan features (i.e. bedrooms, living, dining, family or keeping room), will afford you the best return on your house plan selection when its time to cash in on your nest egg!

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