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Structural Design

October 13, 2010

Structural design plays an important role in the building constructions.It pertains to the stability of the building,while doing structural designing of a building , there  are many factors which are to be considered such as soil condition , its bearing capacity , water level  , climatic conditions , load it has to bear, wind direction , earthquake zone and seismic forces etc.In a nutshell structural designing of a building is  a very important factor.


Interior designer

October 12, 2010

Interior designer is a professional who render his/her specific services related to interior designing .The interior designer plays an important roll in the interior of buildings.He/She suggests on every minute aspects  regarding floor plan pattern ,floor furniture, wall furniture,lighting arrangement,curtains color & fabric ,curtain rods color schema of walls cilings / false ciling and designing and specifications of materials to be used in this process……

On Line Architects

October 12, 2010

As is clear from its leading itself that online architects are those architects who give consultancy on online basis .They collect all data’s regarding designing etc on online send by mail all the drawings such as concept floor plans,elevations,sections, 3d(perspective),construction details,structural designs, service drawings such as water supply.drawings,sewerage,rain water harvesting,electric,internet  telephone etc and B.O.Q.(estimate) on online.

The advantage of online Consultancy as:-
1) Drawing are Client friendly.
2) Easy delivery of drawing.
3) The drawing are saved hence those & no need to keep the hard copy.

Interior design services

October 11, 2010

This service is mainly related with the designing of interiors of any type of building e.g. if it is a dining room then it must contain a dining table for number of persons required who will dine at rather than this it must have an area properly designed .Interior Designer is a multi – faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment. There are a wide range of working conditions and employment opportunities within Interior Design.

House Designer

October 11, 2010

Home design an architect exclusively engagged for the designing of houses He /She well conversant with the necessities of house  designings its important parts & their relation with one other such as there proper placing.A Home Design  is the reflection of one’s personality and aesthetic sensibilities.

House Interior Designs

October 11, 2010

This service is related to Interior Design of houses.the interior designing is done in such away that each small space is utilized intelligently although the Interior designing is called expensive but as per our Knowledge,it makes the house most useful and efficient so it is an important part of house……………

Luxury home Plan

October 9, 2010
As is very much clear from its heading, luxury home plan is the plan for a luxury is the home which contains luxuries requirements such as big meeting halls big dining area,big swimming pool,bar room ,dancing hall,aquariums,fountains,big lawns,terrace gardens with swings and with big plots size and expensive elevation using costly building materials………      

Architecture House plan in India

October 9, 2010
The House plans in India are Prepared by qualified and experienced architects keeping in mind the location ,climate specific requirements of the client budget, vastu of building its structural safety and safety from thefts and burglaries